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William Alexander MacNeil
51 Shalom Crescent, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9V 4J3                

Summary of Qualifications

  • · Dedicated and willing to work long hours to ensure a project meets deadline
  • · Knowledgeable in all software for use with this career path
  • · Personal background in software allows for recognition of QA issues stemming from similar source
  • · Excellent communication skills ensure a positive workplace environment


- Business Administration [Financial Planning] – 2010; currently enrolled– Humber North Campus: The Business School

- A+ Certification - 2007
– CompTIA

- OSSD – 2006
- Twin Lakes Secondary School

Employment History

Self-Employed, Property Manager
- May 1st, 2012-Current
-Through careful investments and property control, purchased and upgraded a house to meet fire code
-currently serving as a rental property to tenants

VOLT VMC Game Labs
- July 1st, 2008 – August 24th, 2009
- Compliance Tester Level 2
- Oversaw collection and distribution of media
- Resolved conflict between game designers and QA team
- Began position as Entry Level 1, received lateral promotion to Compliance
- Hard work in compliance resulted in promotion to duties of CT level 2

Capabilities and Skills

- Proficient with Microsoft Office Software Suite
- Extensive experience in lab and on-site at Electronic Arts, Artifical Minds & Motion,
- A+ Certification
- Proficient with BugTracker, MantisTracker, DevTrack, all current software for team management and task assignment
- Competent in writing and editing reports, letters and memos
- Well-versed in inter-office communications


References are available upon request.

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